What is Equi-lift?

An air lifting system destined for equine that are unable to raise and to move.

This system is useful for lifting a lying animal, for the displacement of an animal that can not move, and Equi-lift can be also used for the horse wake-up after anesthesia and surgery.
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What is Equi-lift?

First, Equi-lift is an air lifting device for equines unable to raise up, suffering from trauma, pathology causing total or partial disability for displacement and/or raising up. This pneumatic medical device is patented, it was imagined and designed by Pierre Schoenaers and Mathilde Bourély, both veterinary practitioners.
However, after testing and experiencing the Equi-lift with success, we realised that the use in veterinary medicine could go further. In fact, Equi-lift can be really useful for equine surgery, it increases comfort for the lying animal during the surgery but it also allows animal best conditions for post anesthesia wake-up, without stress and injuries. Its use makes sense if your point is working in the best conditions of security and animal welfare.


In classical veterinary practice, it is usual to meet pathologies that cause partial or complete disabilities for displacement or statement, both for clinic and common practice.
In that case the animal weight can become a problem:
  • tiresome, difficulties for standing;
  • pain, injuries, water stop, feeding stop;
  • metabolic deficit;
  • weakness, bedsores, muscle crush syndrome, ...
The Equi-lift permits to limit these complications, thanks to a quick and simple lifting without pain and stress. Equi-lift increases chances for recovery and animal welfare.
  • Raising a lying animal, common situation in veterinary practice.
  • Maintaining and helping an animal staying up for a needed time.
  • Limiting complications caused by long time lying stations.
  • To allow the total lifting and transport of an animal with locomotor deficiency.
  • Permitting a safe work for vets and people around the animal.
  • For post anesthesia wake-up.
  • For reeducation.
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How to use it?

In addition to Equi-lift, we have Air-cow, an air-cushion lifting system for cattle.